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Change Your Body and Mindset.

Transform Your Life.

Synergy Strength & Nutrition is a limitless approach to health and vitality for busy parents and professionals just like you and me. A lifestyle system built from programming positive, healthy behaviors and habits for permanent results.

The Synergy Foundation.

Let's ditch fad diets, the quick fix programs and worthless, draining workouts. Your time is an invaluable commodity and health is your greatest asset. Synergy Strength and Nutrition is about leveraging your time for the maximum return in multiple areas of your life.


Take the thinking out and focus on the doing part. Positive, sustainable habits and behaviors are the product of simple but effective programs.


My program is built on providing the information and accountability you need to provide the results you want.


As a lifestyle system, Synergy is built on quality research and relevant experience, taking a multi-targeted approach in improving your overall health and mindset.

1-On-1 and Group Online Coaching

Let's be honest. The craziness of a busy work and family life can quickly consume you physically and mentally. You end up overweight, out of shape, burnt out and unhappy with yourself. However, I can put you on an optimized path towards real health, vitality and balance.

Customized Nutrition Plan

Giving up everything you love isn’t doable long-term or realistic. I’ll design a custom plan that works for your lifestyle and teach you how to balance your food choices.

Tackling Mental Mindset

Finding that overall balance requires more than workout and nutrition plans. We’ll dive into developing a healthy mindset that will keep you driven and motivated long-term.

Efficient Workout Routines

My custom app provides time-efficient workout plans with 3D exercise videos. I’ll tailor your plan based on your goals, what you have access to and time available.

Information You Need

Let’s bust through all the myths and BS information out there to get you the correct information you need to attain the results you want.

FREE Online Strategy Session

More doing, less planning.

Take your workouts with you. Through my app, I’ll design a program specifically for you and plug them right into a calendar based on your schedule. Together we can plan your week and track progress in real-time. My app features 3D workout instructions, personal calendar, progress tracking and history.

Conquer Nutrition.

Too many programs out there want you to give up carbs or your favorite foods. I’ll coach you on how to balance those foods into your diet to make it work for you. Log your daily consumption and track your progress over time in the custom mobile app. Feel good about the nutritional choices you make every day and establish healthy behaviors.

Show Me Results

Before Working With Patrick

Low energy, feeling lethargic and weak overall. 

After Working
With Patrick

Increased muscle tone and perfected body composition within three months. 

Watch What Past Clients Have To Say

“I would recommend anyone that wants to build a better self and that’s in it for the long haul… Someone that really wants to learn about being healthy or anyone that thinks they’re too busy to take care of themselves.”

Kayla L

“I was scared to workout again. I didn’t know where to start. Now, I’m actually rebuilding my body again…and have really made a mindset shift.”

Kim R

“Patrick changed my mindset. I look at the growth I’ve made from when we started until the end and I’m a changed person…I look at everything in a whole different way.”

Missy B

“I have learned so much…I’ve learned a lot about myself and nutrition and am much more confident in the choices that I’m making. It’s been great for my self-confidence.”

Lisa O

“Honestly, I would recommend anybody for Patrick’s coaching. If you’re unhappy with yourself or want to improve yourself physically or emotionally, any parents would greatly benefit. All the tools are there to help parents with a busy lifestyle trying to balance everything.”

Mike N

“I’ve dropped over 40 pounds and feel great. I’ve very much enjoyed working with Patrick and it’s gone really well. I recommend Synergy Strength & Nutrition.”

Jerry S

Online Coaching

You’ve been there already. You’ve tried the fad diets, quick fixes and shake programs out there. You’ve purchased the workout programs online.

The problem is these programs aren’t realistic or doable long-term. They aren’t customized for you. They don’t address areas of your life that have truly been holding you back. And they don’t address your mindset, where your success truly begins.

If you really want to take your overall health and wellness to a higher level, it takes a multi-targeted approach beyond just healthy eating and workouts.

I’ll create a program completely customized for your specific lifestyle challenges and the goals you have. We’ll address other important items in your life like organization, planning, stress, emotional eating, habits and willpower that have prevented you from seeing results.

Connecting online weekly and whenever you need support from me, I’ll provide you with the information and guidance you need to develop a new mindset and the accountability and results you want.

Group Online Coaching

Connect with and learn from myself and other busy professionals and parents just like you that have similar challenges and goals!

Lose weight & inches

Elevate energy levels

Increase self-confidence & willpower

Develop a stronger mental mindset

Eliminate stress & emotional eating

Create sustainable healthy habits



1-On-1 Online Coaching

If you’re looking for the ultimate package in regard to coaching, support, and accountability, 1-on-1 coaching is the way to go for you.

Weekly 1-on-1 Zoom Coaching Call

Mobile App Access

Custom Workout Plans

Individualized Nutrition Plan

Membership Site of Learning Focuses

Unlimited Email & Text Support

An application must be submitted for 1-on-1 coaching.

FREE Online Strategy Session